My Hiatus…..kinda.

My apologies to all of you for disappearing.  My schedule of learning, listening and reading has been redirected over the past months to focus more on the practical matters of guiding a fantastic group through the human-centered design process.

I’m consistently surprised by how the confluence of our collective choices can produce unexpected, delightful results. One such situation had me working through the Social Innovation Certificate offered at MacEwan while sharing what I was learning with a friend over hot beverages at our local coffee haunts.

I was excited by the change-making possibilities presented by applying social innovation to persistent, nasty problems.  In particular, I believe there is a mountain of knowledge waiting to be discovered when change-makers pool their talents with evaluators.

My friend was excited about the opportunity to explore the needs in his community and new ways to more effectively meet them.  In particular, he is most interested in how change-making can be made more accessible and less constrained by the ‘way we do things here’.

It became clear our areas on interest overlapped in the human-centered design domain prompting me to volunteer my time and expertise to work with a team he felt was open to asking the hard questions, learning from the answers and then doing something to make a difference.

The result was an introduction to the team managing Employment Services at EMCN which lead to the creation of a project called The Human-centered Employment Project.

We began in November 2017 with a series of workshops introducing human-centered design to the team, the process we would follow and how it might be leveraged to influence their work with immigrants looking for employment.

At present we are convening Social Innovation Labs populated by six folks representing a broad range of perspectives and skills.

All that said, I feel compelled to get back to curating what I am learning. I want to return to reflecting on what I read, hear, watch and experience – mostly so I don’t forget stuff.  But many of you have indicated that my ramblings are helpful and wanted me to get back to it.